Kink Network News Gets a Re-Design

Last week we deployed a new look to one of our anchor sites; Submissive Guide. This new look is more modern and less feminine than the previous purple and pink layout. We wanted to convey a sense of professionalism that the site had been lacking. Hopefully with this design you will see the direction that Kink Network is headed. The more monochromatic look is well received so far and we’d love for you to take a look and let us know what you think!

With this new change came a few new features!

Videos Page

In the main navigation you will see a videos page. It lists all of the video posts that Submissive Guide has produced in an easy to read, YouTube like format. It is our hope that you use this page like a resource of content that is easy to find and share with others.


The category pages have had a redesign as well. Inspired by a few of our favorite sites online, we organized them in a different format than the traditional blog archive listing. You can find the information, or browse, a lot easier now.

E-books and Classes

There are now 3 ebooks available on Submissive Guide as well as one e-course (with another on the way shortly). We pride ourselves in providing as much information as you want on topics that interest you. These e-books are another way we can do that. You can buy books on Submissive Positions or Processing Pain in Play, or you can download the free book on Online Submission.  If you are just starting to explore BDSM and submission, the free e-course might be the perfect place to begin.

We have so much more in store for the members and readers of Submissive Guide. I hope you’ll become a subscriber to be the first informed of the new improvements as they come out!

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Kink Network Announces the Opening of Their Adult Blog Host


Kink Network Announces the Opening of Their Adult Blog Host
February 10, 2011

Kink Network is proud to announce their first service open to the kinky community! is now open to the public for all your kinky and adult blogging needs. After a 5 month closed beta period, is now the ultimate place to journal and keep a blog or personal website.

Kinky-Blogging is the first blog host to provide uncensored adult blogging on this level. No more annoying adult blog warnings, no fear of having your uploaded content disappear or worse, your entire blog vanish for adult content.

Kinky-Blogging was built on and has over 50 themes and many plug-ins to customize your site. With even more customizations available in upgrades you are only limited by your imagination.

Some of the notable features of Kinky-Blogging are:

  • Full privacy options so you can hide your blog, only share it with friends or leave it open to everyone
  • A content-delivery network serving faster images and improved file support.
  • Custom plugins and features upgrades to make your blogging experience work for you.
  • Blog from your desktop using Windows Live Writer or mobile devices with the free Official WordPress App (iOSand Android).

A universal log in – Kink-ID – is now in use on all Kink Network sites so there’s no need to create multiple usernames and passwords. Kink ID is your online identity when it comes to your Kink! Register for an account and centralize all of your activity in one place! No need to remember countless passwords and create varied usernames because yours is taken. Once you have it on Kink ID, it’s yours for every site that uses Kink ID!

Kink Network was created by lunaKM and KnyghtMare to provide the best in kink-friendly services. KnyghtMare has over 10 years experience coding and developing web-based user interfaces. You can be sure any tech issues will be addressed with expertise and professionalism.

Other active Kink Network sites include and For updates about Kink Network progress, subscribe to the blog: or follow us on twitter @kinknet.

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How To: Posting to your blog using Windows Live Writer has recently activated XML-RPC publishing to blogs. This tool allows you to publish to your blog from your Windows desktop or even from your iPad.

Today we are going to teach you how to publish from your Windows desktop using Windows Live Writer but most of these steps are similar or identical if you want to publish from any other software that supports WordPress blogging.

Step 1. Enable XML-RPC on your blog

First thing you need to do is make sure XML-RPC publishing is enabled for your blog. XML-RPC is the language Writer and other applications use to talk to WordPress and without it turned on Kinky-Blogging will ignore Writer.

To turn on XML-RPC you need to go to your blog dashboard and find the option and enable it.


a. Log in to your dashboard

b. Open the “Settings” menu down the left-hand side

c. Click on the “Writing” link

d. You will see the option to turn on XML-RPC at the bottom of the options.

e. Check the check-box and click “Save Changes”

XML-RPC is now enabled on your blog.

Step 2. Get your XML-RPC key

Now you need to get your XML-RPC key. This is the password that let’s you use your Kink ID username to access Kinky-Blogging from your desktop. This key is for YOUR account only. Do NOT share it with anybody.


a. From the previous page open the “Users” menu

b. Click on the “Your Profile” link

c. Your XML-RPC is listed in the “Personal Options” page. If you want select the text and copy it to your clipboard for later or re-open this page to get the key later.



Step 3. Download and install Windows Live Writer

To get a free copy of Windows Live Writer open up the following link and download Windows Live Writer ( When you are done downloading open up the file and install the application.

Step 4. Add your blog to Windows Live Writer

When Windows Live Writer is done installing you need to open the program. Open up your Start Menu and find Windows Live Writer, click on it and the program will open.

You will be prompted with a window that asks “What blog service do you use?”. (If you have already installed and used Windows Live Writer on your computer you can find this dialog by opening the Options screen, clicking the Accounts menu button and clicking the Add button).

Choose “WordPress” and click “Next”


On the next screen (Add a blog account) enter in the address of your blog, your Kink ID in the username field and your XML-RPC key from earlier into the password field. If you don’t want to enter the XML-RPC key in every time you use Windows Live Writer check the box next to “Remember my password”.


After you’ve done this Windows Live Writer will spend a small amount of time talking to your blog. When the window appears asking for your blog type choose WordPress 2.2+ from the dropdown box. Then replace the text “<hostname>” with your blog address and remove the “<wp_path>/” text so that your options resemble the image here (the xmlrpc.php part is very important):


Windows Live Writer will talk to your blog for a few moments again. When it’s done you will be asked to enter a Blog nickname and if you want to share the blog on Windows Live. These options are entirely up to you and make no difference to your blog.

Step 5. Get publishing!

Congratulations you are ready to start writing a blog post!

Windows Live Writer will now present you with the authoring screen. Enter you post title and get writing.

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Let It Snow on Sites!

December invokes thoughts of the holidays and with that there is usually snow. Well now you can let it snow on your blog! You may have seen this automatically activated on blogs in the past. has added a plugin to your Dashboard that you can activate if you’d like it to snow.

To make it snow on your site:

  1. Go to your site’s dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins.
  3. Find “Let It Snow” Plugin
  4. Click the Activate Link.
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Easy to Find Plugins Area and CDN File Support Now on Kinky-Blogging

As the Beta testing continues to grow, KnyghtMare has been working hard to flesh out the features and support that will make Kinky Blogging fast, reliable, fun and easy to use for everyone who chooses us for their kinky and sex-related blogging needs.

CDN Support

One of the backbone features that makes Kinky-Blogging one of the fastest blog hosts is the new CDN (Content Delivery Network) support. This means that all of Kinky-Blogging files, images and other uploaded content is served to us from a third party service built specifically with content delivery in mind. This makes our blogs faster and our servers less bogged down with files. While end users may never notice this feature (and that’s a good thing), the fact that we’ll be able to handle higher visitor traffic loads because the files are being served from elsewhere will improve reader experience on your blog.

What does this mean for your blog?

When you upload images, you won’t notice a change in the behavior, but the URL provided to you will look something like this: You will still be able to put images in posts the exact same way and manage your media library with the same tools that WordPress provides. The ONLY difference is the URL and where the file is stored.

Available Plugins

Unlike and other WordPress blog hosts, we believe that you should have access to plugins that enhance your blog with more than a widget. This means we have worked a plugins area into your Dashboard. When you create a blog with Kinky-Blogging there are a number of plugins that are already enabled and ready to use. These are generally widget-only plugins and you can find them in the Widgets area of the Appearance Tool.

But that isn’t all of the plugins we have available to our free blogs! In the navigation you will find a Plugins option below your Dashboard List. Inside this tool are plugins we have made available for you to enable or not and add enhancements to your blog you may not have had with any other blog host.

And we are adding plugins all the time, so if you have a suggestion for a plugin you’ve seen on the repository, drop us a comment! We will consider and evaluate all suggested plugins. This doesn’t mean it will automatically be added, but it just might!

Watch this space for even more changes and improvements as we work to make Kinky Blogging the go-to place for all your writing needs. Coming soon we’ll debut the upgrades system and showcase the options to make your blog personal to your style with items like your own domain names, custom plugin packs, Kink-Ads removal and more file space.

Get excited!


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Kinky-Blogging in Closed Beta Testing

With the inception of Kink Network there has always been an idea to host blogs in a safe environment where there’s no chance that one day the server administrators decide to delete it for content or slap an adult warning on the blog. Kinky-Blogging was born from that idea.

This week we released a limited number of invitation codes to give a first glimpse at what Kinky-Blogging can provide and help us work out the kinks before we allow the site to open Beta. There are invitation codes left, so if you are interested in one, ask!

What can Kinky-Blogging do?

You can blog or create a personal site or anything else you can think of! Kinky-Blogging is run on WordPress which is a well tested, open source project with thousands of themes and plugins to customize the experience. We have just started the theme and plug in galleries for you to choose from and always welcome suggestions for more.

We manage our own servers which means speed and support response time is fast and efficient. We’ll make sure that downtime is a minimum and always announce scheduled maintenance so that you know what’s going on and what improvements we are working on. If you need help we are just a click away.

Where can I sign up?

As I said before, there are limited numbers of invitation codes available but they are still available! Contact me via FetLife or email me at and I’ll get you set up.


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