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How To: Posting to your blog using Windows Live Writer has recently activated XML-RPC publishing to blogs. This tool allows you to publish to your blog from your Windows desktop or even from your iPad.

Today we are going to teach you how to publish from your Windows desktop using Windows Live Writer but most of these steps are similar or identical if you want to publish from any other software that supports WordPress blogging.

Step 1. Enable XML-RPC on your blog

First thing you need to do is make sure XML-RPC publishing is enabled for your blog. XML-RPC is the language Writer and other applications use to talk to WordPress and without it turned on Kinky-Blogging will ignore Writer.

To turn on XML-RPC you need to go to your blog dashboard and find the option and enable it.


a. Log in to your dashboard

b. Open the “Settings” menu down the left-hand side

c. Click on the “Writing” link

d. You will see the option to turn on XML-RPC at the bottom of the options.

e. Check the check-box and click “Save Changes”

XML-RPC is now enabled on your blog.

Step 2. Get your XML-RPC key

Now you need to get your XML-RPC key. This is the password that let’s you use your Kink ID username to access Kinky-Blogging from your desktop. This key is for YOUR account only. Do NOT share it with anybody.


a. From the previous page open the “Users” menu

b. Click on the “Your Profile” link

c. Your XML-RPC is listed in the “Personal Options” page. If you want select the text and copy it to your clipboard for later or re-open this page to get the key later.



Step 3. Download and install Windows Live Writer

To get a free copy of Windows Live Writer open up the following link and download Windows Live Writer ( When you are done downloading open up the file and install the application.

Step 4. Add your blog to Windows Live Writer

When Windows Live Writer is done installing you need to open the program. Open up your Start Menu and find Windows Live Writer, click on it and the program will open.

You will be prompted with a window that asks “What blog service do you use?”. (If you have already installed and used Windows Live Writer on your computer you can find this dialog by opening the Options screen, clicking the Accounts menu button and clicking the Add button).

Choose “WordPress” and click “Next”


On the next screen (Add a blog account) enter in the address of your blog, your Kink ID in the username field and your XML-RPC key from earlier into the password field. If you don’t want to enter the XML-RPC key in every time you use Windows Live Writer check the box next to “Remember my password”.


After you’ve done this Windows Live Writer will spend a small amount of time talking to your blog. When the window appears asking for your blog type choose WordPress 2.2+ from the dropdown box. Then replace the text “<hostname>” with your blog address and remove the “<wp_path>/” text so that your options resemble the image here (the xmlrpc.php part is very important):


Windows Live Writer will talk to your blog for a few moments again. When it’s done you will be asked to enter a Blog nickname and if you want to share the blog on Windows Live. These options are entirely up to you and make no difference to your blog.

Step 5. Get publishing!

Congratulations you are ready to start writing a blog post!

Windows Live Writer will now present you with the authoring screen. Enter you post title and get writing.


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2 Responses to “How To: Posting to your blog using Windows Live Writer”

  1. Larry Henry says:

    For those users who have more questions…

    This is an OLD forum for Windows Live Writer; Microsoft will be shutting it down soon [to be read only]… But…

    There’s a NEW forum, with more activity and more Microsoft techs working it. If you have questions/suggestions for Windows Live Writer, I suggest you go there and submit your inquiry there…

    Here’s the URL:

    I hope this helps…

    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

  2. Eusi Mto says:

    I owe a thousand thanks for this blog entry. Trying to figure this out without this guide was like pulling teeth for me.

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