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Kinky-Blogging in Closed Beta Testing

With the inception of Kink Network there has always been an idea to host blogs in a safe environment where there’s no chance that one day the server administrators decide to delete it for content or slap an adult warning on the blog. Kinky-Blogging was born from that idea.

This week we released a limited number of invitation codes to give a first glimpse at what Kinky-Blogging can provide and help us work out the kinks before we allow the site to open Beta. There are invitation codes left, so if you are interested in one, ask!

What can Kinky-Blogging do?

You can blog or create a personal site or anything else you can think of! Kinky-Blogging is run on WordPress which is a well tested, open source project with thousands of themes and plugins to customize the experience. We have just started the theme and plug in galleries for you to choose from and always welcome suggestions for more.

We manage our own servers which means speed and support response time is fast and efficient. We’ll make sure that downtime is a minimum and always announce scheduled maintenance so that you know what’s going on and what improvements we are working on. If you need help we are just a click away.

Where can I sign up?

As I said before, there are limited numbers of invitation codes available but they are still available! Contact me via FetLife or email me at and I’ll get you set up.


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